Saturday, March 2, 2013

How's your weekend so far?

Sometimes I think it is sad that we are always looking forward to the weekend when we should be happy everyday. But then again, everyday can be a happy day depending on how you look at it. I especially like to scroll through my iPhone camera roll to see the pictures that I have taken and remember the happy moment that went through my mind when I took that picture.

Here are 5 of my favourite pictures that I took for the past week. Hope you have a great ahead!

The gorgeous Guerlain Terracotta Sun in the City Illuminating Powder 

A pic that my sis sent me after taking it at the Gardens by the Bay. Me and BC had a good laugh seeing this pic 

NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder 

Me in ankle boots and tights as I was having very bad blisters as a result of wearing uncomfortable heels 

Last but not least, Simba giving me the defiant look when I tried to get him out of the basin


  1. Your Simba is just so precious! You got yourself some great buys dear, please let me know how you like the NARS pressed powder. I am very tempted by it.

    1. Will do, will definitely post a review of the NARS pressed powder.


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