Monday, March 4, 2013

Paul & Joe Cheek Colour in 04 Cinema

I have been grossly disappointed since the departure of Paul & Joe from the shores last year and thank goodness for the advance of technology, there is still the possibility of online shopping. In my recent online purchase, I have added the new Paul & Joe Cheek Colour to my purchase because I just cannot resist Paul & Joe and the colours are just too yummy-looking. The review today would be cheek colour in 04 Cinema.

Paul & Joe Cheek Colour are sold as refill and separately from the case. I did not purchase the case as I don't see the need, considering it comes in a plastic case. I have been keeping it in the original packaging so far. (I accidentally nicked the blush while taking this pic and my heart has been hurting! *cry*)

04 Cinema is a matte blush from this collection. It consist of 2 shades: a warm bright coral pink and light coral. Both shades are matte and texture is smooth. When the 2 shades are blended together (1st swatch from the right), the intensity of the warm bright coral pink is toned down and seems to have a pearly finish.

Similarly to most japanese cosmetic products, I do notice that the colour in the pan is much stronger than it actually is and Paul & Joe Cheek Colour is no exception. The picture above shows up better as it was heavily swatched.

In terms of application, my personal preference is to apply the lighter shade first and followed lightly with the stronger shade for the pop of colour. The reason I apply this way is because I felt that the lighter shade seems to blend more easily than the darker shade, thus I rather go easy on the dark shade instead.

For ladies who are interested in purchasing Paul & Joe, Asos and BeautyBay do sells them online and provide free international shipping. Happy shopping!


  1. This is a lovely colour Ruby, you and and I have similar tastes. We like corals.

  2. Ahhh LOVELY blush, Ruby! Great choice! I love the two shades on their own and also the combination :)

  3. Yay! I am so glad you like it. I LOVE love love this shade. I have this one and Ombrage, which I also love. I was nervous because, like Re-Belle, Ombrage really looked quite brownish orange in the promo picks but I chose it anyway and am SO happy I did. It is a very lovely neutral pinkish-peach on the cheeks--VERY subtle and very pretty! :D i also like the softer pigmentation, but then I prefer my blushes that way :)

    1. Becca, you know I actually wanted to choose Ombrage but somehow for some weird reason, I clicked and added Re Belle instead.

      Like you, I like my blush subtle as long as there is slight shade there, I am fine.


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