Wednesday, March 6, 2013

NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder

This is a post of my newfound love, NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder. To many, you must have heard many raves of this wonderful product and I got first hand rave from lovely Meryl when she organised a wonderful lunch with some of the beauty bloggers.

NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder is a transparent powder which is supposed to enhance the look of foundation and prolongs makeup wear. The powder is infused with Photochromic Technology to diffuse and adjust new sources of light so that fine lines, wrinkles and pores fade optically to create visibly smoothed skin. It even helps to regulate shine, which is a super plus point for me.

I have always prefer using pressed than loose powder as the pressed version is usually more fuss-free and not as messy. I hate it when the loose powder gets all over the place and make it very messy. Another reason why the pressed version is preferred is because I prefer using a puff than brush to set in the powder. Sad to say, I really dislike the filmsy looking sponge that comes with the pressed powder, I would prefer the puff is more fluffy and compromise with a slight bigger case so that I can house the puff in it as well. Even though it comes with a pouch that allows me to place the pressed powder and puff in for travel convenience, I personally find it not so hygiene to slip the puff in and out of the pouch.

When you look at the powder in the pan, you will observe certain level of shimmers in it. Honestly, I thought the shimmers would accentuate the oil field on my face but it does the opposite. When I tried it on at the NARS counter, all I get is a smooth and matte look which really surprise me.

I have been using this pressed powder for the past 1 week after purchasing it and I love the smooth, matte look after setting my BB cream or liquid foundation. One tip to take note before using this powder is to use a clean tissue paper and gently wipe off the top surface of the pressed powder. According to the SA, this will help us pick up the powder better. Before and after I wipe the surface of the pressed powder, I noticed that a thin shiny film seem to have disappeared after wiping and this is probably what the SA is talking about.

Tangs just stocked up NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder (loose and pressed version) so if you are keen, just drop by the NARS counter to take a look. :)


  1. Thanks for the shout out babe! I am glad that you are satisfied with this product which I highly raved! I can't stop using this product everyday, it just gives me that nice glow :)

    Meryl @ Memoiselle

    1. No prob, Meryl! Thanks for your wonderful recommendation too.

  2. I definitely prefer the pressed version as well! I need to check this out because everybody seems to be raving about it!

  3. Sunny, this is a pretty good pressed powder, you should check this out.


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