Thursday, March 14, 2013

OPI...Eurso Euro

Has been a long while since I last post about a nail polish because I have been so lazy painting my own nails. Here is a good shade for me to get out and start painting my short nails again.

Please pardon my dry cuticles and lousy painting. It can be quite a challenge painting my short nails at times. So enough of the rambling and let's get back to business. :)

OPI...Eurso Euro is a creamy dark blue shade which I absolutely love. It reminds me so much of nautical design and for you ladies who does nail design, this can be a shade you can explore if you are considering nautical design.

Even though I love this shade, I seriously hate the texture. It is THICK and I achieve opaque-ness with just 1 coat. And precisely due to the thick texture, I find it hard to control the strokes such that I do not over paint onto the cuticles or achieve the smooth surface on the nails. Juju told me to go with thinner and more layers and I have yet to dry. For ladies who has this shade, do let me know your thoughts. 

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