Monday, March 18, 2013

OPI You're Such A Budapest

Today's post is another post of OPI Euro Collection. This polish is definitely my favourite in my humble collection from Euro Collection and it is: You're Such A Budapest (sound like scolding someone, isn't it? haha)

I am a purple lover when it comes to eyeshadows and nail polishes are no exception. You're Such a Budapest is a gorgeous lilac shade and has very very slight shimmers which you have to closely observe to see it. Unfortunately, the shimmers cannot be captured by my camera.

The peeve about the Euro collection which I complained about previously is the texture. It's thicker than some of the other polishes I have from OPI thus I had to be very careful when applying it. It's important to apply thin layers of the polish and slowly building up the intensity layer by layer. I applied 3 layers of the polishes in the picture above.


  1. This is the color that I was also drawn to from the collection.

    1. Are you a purple lover? I am so I tend to steer towards purple most of the time.


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