Tuesday, March 26, 2013

SUQQU Blend Color Eye shadow palette in 11 Himesango

Today's post is yet another 'Project Swap' item with Jacq and it's none other than SUQQU Blend Color Eye shadow palette in 11 Himesango.

Himesango is made up of 5 shades (3 shimmery and 2 matte). The shimmery shades are smooth and easy to apply and blend and the matte shades are drier in texture. Honestly, I have not been using the matte brown in the palette as I tend to use the shimmery brown to apply to my outer corner of the eye lids.

This palette looks seriously close to 10 Kozuecha and I remember how hard it was to choose one of them when making my purchase. I decide to do a 'tissue swatch' and compare Himesango and Kozuecha so as to show you how close these 2 palettes are and here it is.
Top row: Himesango
Bottom row: Kozuecha

Other than the 2 lighter shades looking different, I feel these 2 palettes are basically twins. Do you need both? I say nah, 1 is definitely good enough.


  1. Oh wow, they are very similar. no wonder I kept thinking don't I own this palette when I first opened it up. Isn't it cool we both got different ones so we can make a comparison.

    1. Yes! Our taste is pretty close actually, don't you think?

  2. Oh yes, looks very similar indeed!

    1. That's right so we definitely only need 1 of the 2 :)


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