Sunday, March 24, 2013

I love weekends!!!

Yet another week has come and gone again and very soon March will be over soon. Hope you guys had a good weekend because I sure enjoyed mine!

I had my first try of making baked pasta and was surprised with my own skills, lol. It tasted pretty good and doesn't take up much time. Preparation time plus cooking only took around 30 minutes.

Not sure how many of you ever since a $1000 note because I sure haven't seen one. When my mum's friend showed me, I told her to loan me for 5 seconds to take this picture. Haha.

I used to hate nail polishes with glitters because it is a pain to remove polishes with glitters. But after putting on OPI Teenage Dream for the first time, I really like how it looks!

And how can I not feature my furbabies in this posting??? Check out the bed hoarders (Astro on the left and Simba on the right) and Titus looking blur as usual in the next picture. :)


  1. hehe you have been cooking! sometimes i'd wish i have my own place so that i can cook for myself (or rather prepare food, since i am not much of a cook or a cooked-food person lol) but then i guess it shouldn't be too far off into the future.

    anyways the glitter polish looks great!

    1. Sometimes tabao dinner until run out of ideas, lol.

      U will be able to have your own place soon, hang in there!


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