Wednesday, July 4, 2012

YSL Glossy Stain 12 Corail Fauve

After the purchase of the first YSL glossy stain in 07 Corail Aquatique, it is certainly no turning back for me. Since it was not readily available in counters in the shopping centres, I was trilled to know that they are available in DFS at Changi Airport and troubled a friend to haul for me when she's going for her holidays.

Zooming down to the colour I want is really not easy as every shade looks gorgeous. Thanks to Front Row Beauty, Tracy's Beauty Blogsphere and My Beauty Hoard, I know 12 Corail Fauve is the next shade to get.

From online swatches, it looks like a bright pink coral that certainly scares me a bit. But I wanted a change in my lip stash away from the usual dusty rose shade that I always end up getting. I'm glad I got this shade as it's bright but not bold and it brightens up your whole look so do remember to go easy on your eyeshadows and blusher. The staying power of YSL glossy stain is amazing. You would be able to see from above that despite me wiping off the swatch with a tissue paper after only a minute or so, you can already see the stain mark.

As my natural lip colour is on the dark side, it does not seems that much brighter like the swatch. But I assure you that the combination of the formula with glossy coupled with strong colour does show up, so what I say? I LOVE this. Everyone should really go get this shade, haha.

My 1st YSL glossy stain was purchased online from Barney's at US$32 and my dear friend managed to help me get this DFS for S$38.80. Do you have any favourite shade of YSL glossy stain? Do share them with me. :)


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  2. ahhh YSL Glossy stains :) I saw this yesterday at DFS changi but didn't pick any of em. Feeling glad for my wallet :)

  3. U have good restraint, memoiselle

  4. Thanks for the mention Ruby, great colour choice. Corail Fauve is such a lovely shade.

  5. It certainly is a lovely shade!!! After seeing in 16, I wanna get that too! Lol


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