Sunday, July 8, 2012

Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow 17 Pearl Grey

One thing about Burberry Beauty which I love other than the quality of their products is the fact that they keep to a simple, fuss-free permanent line of excellent products that makes consumers like me appreciate their marketing strategy. Instead of launching multiple collections one after and another like the speed of lightning that usually never fails to confuse me, they have a GOOD collection every few months that wow u, in addition to their permanent products.

Anyway, my point here is, not everyone has the luxury of money to splurge in one limited edition collection after another and I am no exception. I tend to think, consider and research a bit before taking the plunge and usually with that, most of the limited edition stuffs are usually sold out (YES, Chanel Sable-Emouvant, I'm talking about you!!!!) so I truly truly appreciate that Burberry has yet to break my heart so far except with the fact that Lavender Blue eyeshadow is still OOS :(

So after my first purchase of Burberry Sheer eyeshadow in Pale Barley here, there is seriously no turning back for me. Their quality is just wonderful, extremely smooth and buttery. Coupled with a eyeshadow primer and you are good to rock the world the whole day, I just love them. However, with a hefty price tag of $46 per shadow, it is quite hard to swallow so I am slowly collecting them bit by bit from the swatches online and recommendations from friends. The latest that came home with me which I posted here was none other than 17 Pearl Grey.

Pearl Grey is a gorgeous cool medium-toned grey with silver shimmers. Words can't describe what was going through my mind when I switched it over the counter then. Mindy, the friendly SA need not tell me anything except 'This is a very beautiful colour.'. I was sold on the spot and I knew this is coming back with me. I believe this would make a beautiful smokey look (which I have yet to master) or double up as a liner for my mono lids but I can't wait to play with it already!!

Have you brought home any Burberry eyeshadows yet? I would love to see your stash!


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  2. hi Ruby, too bad I haven't bought any of their eyeshadows yet. But I totally agree with you that Burberry's products are great. My good friend Monica has bought few Burberry's eyeshadow and she said it's really good :)

    1. memoiselle, u will fall in love with them once u start buying. :)

  3. I have got Pale Barley too! Though on my medium skintone it gives a somewhat ' Is there eyeshadow on her or not' look ;) Its always good to keep others guessing lol. I was contemplating Rosewood too but didnt get down to getting it.. Maybe I can hint at a bday/xmas present lol

  4. agree that pale barley gives a 'there or not there look'! rosewood is another beautiful shade that i just scored! initially i thought it's pretty similar to pale barley but it's more taupish whereas pale barley is more gold, champagned shade.


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