Thursday, July 5, 2012

Shu uemura, Chanel and SUQQU haul!!

Tangs Vivocity is having a 12% rebate for Citibank or Tangs Lifestyle Cardholder today and this gives me a good chance or excuse (??) to replenish some of the usual items that I have completed or going to complete.

I was very focused, I only need 2 items:-

1) Shu uemura fresh pore clarifying gentle cleansing oil which I am almost done with the current 450ml bottle
2) A refill for my HG 2 way foundation, Chanel Mat Lumiere Extreme (see post here)

So eventually, have I been a good girl.... well........ I would say 80% good, lol
Yes, I purchased my cleansing oil and yes, I also bought my Chanel 2 way foundation refill but YES..... I also bought a blusher from Shu uemura........ Ok ok, the cleansing oil is already $138 and I'm just $22 away from receiving the gift with purchase which consist of cleansing beauty oil premium A/O advanced formula (with green tea extract and helps in anti ageing), a travel size toner and moisturiser so I thought why not look for a beige pink blusher that I have always been thinking, hehe. Excuses, I know...... but hey, who doesn't need another extra blusher, haha! So here I ended up with blusher in M Soft Pink 326.

Seriously, do you know that the blusher refill itself cost $33 and the case is $14 which comes up to a total of $47? Honestly, thinking back, it is a bit expensive isn't it? Especially when the blush refill is only 4g whereas MAC blush of 6g cost around $30+ and it comes with a case? But well, Shu uemura are known for their pigmented shades so I am paying for quality right?? :) The SA from Shu also gave me a sample of their new cleansing oil which is called Ultime8 Cleansing Oil which helps to protect the skin delicate moisture balance, sounds good...... shall give this a try and review later.

So on a separate note.... I finally got my hands on my very 1st SUQQU Blend Eyeshadow palette! I have only heard good things about this palette and thus even with a hefty price of at least $100+ per palette, most beauty gurus or bloggers will still find a way to have them. Unfortunately for me who stay in Singapore, it is not available over the counters and SUQQU is only available in Japan, Bangkok and UK. So a fellow colleague of mine who is a beauty junkie helped me got it from Japan through her best friend who is there on holiday, so nice of her right???? My choice of SUQQU palette is shade 10 Kozuecha.

Thanks to drivel about frivol who has an impressive collection of SUQQU Blend eyeshadow palettes, it helped me to decide to get Kozuecha. Honestly, I was torn between Kozuecha and Himesango but the latter looks more pinkish with tones of plum from the online swatches so I decided to opt for something more brownish and neutral (BORING!!!!) as my first palette. I have not started swatching and using this yet as I would still like to admire it in it's brand new form for a while so I will post my feel and review of this palette soon.


  1. ahhh suqqu and that Shue Uemura's blush!! I want it toooo :(

  2. Love Suqqu! Kozuecha looks gorgeous!

  3. memoiselle, i have to take back the complaint i posted about the price of the shu blusher as i used it today and i am so loving it. :)

    lunalunaface, i know right???? i am starting to worry that this is just the beginning of the SUQQU haul.

  4. Sweetie! Congratulatons on owning your first Suqqu, you know one is never enough right? ;) Kozuecha is an excellent choice, it might be boring but you will get lot of use out of it.

  5. Jacq!!! It's scary cos 1 SUQQU is really not enough!! Same as Burberry!


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