Monday, July 23, 2012

Eyes To Kill 21 Obsidian Grey

In the recent play date with Jacq and Jolyn, Eyes To Kill in 21 Obsidian Grey was one of the haul items I purchased. I made a pact with Jacq that we will use it within a week of purchase and I sticked to my promise. :)

Obsidian Grey look very much like a dark intense grey with teal shimmers in the pot but when swatched, the colour came out more vibrant and beautiful. There are comparisons made between Obsidian Grey and Pulp Fiction given that both are grey shades and I made a comparison for myself to see if they are really different.

From the swatches (pardon the lousy pic), Obsidian Grey came out looking like teal-grey which looks cooler compared to Pulp Fiction which has pink undertones and looking warmer. Do u need both? I say they are different in their unique ways but I'm glad I had both of them.

Finally, the movie 'The Dark Knight Rises' is here!!!! BC and I purchased the tickets in advance and the show is awesome. Even though the movie was close to 3 hours, every single details of the show just make you glued to the movie. By the way, in case you are intending to watch it and also intend to wait till the credits are rolled to see any scenes of a potential sequel, don't waste your time. There are none, haha.

For our movie date, these are the stuffs I used:-

1) YSL glossy stain in 7 Corail Aquatique
2) Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation (sample courtesy of Jacq)
3) Benefit Sugarbomb
4) Canmake Agebuto mascara
5) ETKs in 21 Obsidian Grey and 8 Champagne
6) Shu Uemura eyebrow pencil

I hope you guys have a good week ahead. I am already hoping that it will end soon.


  1. Hi Chris! Can't figure out where your comment disappeared to but here is my thought abt ETK #24 and #25.

    If you would like something that u can have the versatility of creating smokey eyes, #24 is the one to go because it is darker with more hints of black. I personally placed order for #25 as I don't do smokey looks and #25 looks suitable enough to be used on it's own or a subtle khaki smoked look if I intensify the colours near my lash line.

    I hope that helps :)

  2. ahhh Obsidian grey! I am being a good girl of not getting any of the GA summer collection. I am lemming for the new acqua collection and hoping it will hit GA Singapore soon :)

    1. Meryl, Jacq and myself got this during our play date and was love at first swatch. :)

      The acqua collection is beautiful and I forced myself to only order #25 and #28. They should be here soon.

    2. Meryl, I ordered from Nordstrom

  3. Hey girl! Great fotd I am glad you liked it and played with it. I must do one of my own soon. I want to watch Dark Knight too!

    1. Looking forward to your FOTD!! Dark knight is awesome, u MUST watch it.

  4. Love the colors looks great on u :)

    1. Thanks for your kind comment. :)


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