Sunday, July 15, 2012

Review: Sexylook Intensive Whitening Black Cotton Mask

Personally, I have always felt that in order for me to have a good pore cleansing masking experience, wash off or peel off mask is the way to go. Make sense? Because only by having a mask that penetrates the pores to cleanse it from the inside and washing it away does the pores get thoroughly cleanse. However, the lazy bug in me always deter from using a deep cleansing mask because of the hassle of washing off the mask when you can just peel off the sheet mask and that's it. :)

When contacted me to review about a sheet mask that is able to cleanse the pores by absorbing dirt and sebum and at the same time able to hydrate the skin, I'm really interested to try and see if it works!

With activated carbon present in the mask, no wonder Sexylook Intensive Whitening Black Cotton Mask is able to absorb dirt and sebum. Carbon is an excellent 'absorber', just imagine the carbon filters sold in Daiso to absorb bad odours!

The function of the mask doesn't end there. Other than deep-cleansing, it has whitening function all thanks to black pearl extract. Dual function mask like this works really well for busy ladies.

Sorry for scaring you guys out with this shoot but this mask is made of black cotton which explains the black mask, haha. The cotton sheet is extremely soft and soaked with essence, which makes it easy for the mask to adhere to my face. It is fragrance free so ladies with sensitive nose need not worry about this.

I left the mask on my face for approximately 25 minutes before removing it and patting in the remaining essence. Interestingly, my face feels slightly warm and I suspect it is due to the carbon but it does not cause any discomfort. With the hydration function of the mask, I do not feel squeaky clean on my skin surface like how it feels when I use a deep cleansing wash off mask. I also notice that my skin looks slightly brighter and fresh after use.

Even though Sexylook Intensive Whitening Black Cotton Mask does not seems to be any different from other sheet masks that I have used, one point worth mentioning was the next day after I used this mask, a pimple that had popped out near my chin subsided substantially!! I'm really glad to see this pimple subsided even though I did not apply any pimple topical gel or cream as I was lazy (again!!!).

For ladies who are keen to try Sexylook Intensive Whitening Black Cotton Mask, it is available for sale on at a discounted price of $2 per mask (usual price $3.50). To find out more about and the masks available, do join their Facebook page!

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Disclosure: The product in this review is sent by the company for my review and consideration. All opinions stated are my own honest views and no compensation is received for this review.


  1. I love masks although nowadays I can't even settle down to use one. Which are your favs by the way?

    1. I try to st least exfoliate and mask once a week since I do not go facial at all. For deep cleansing wash off mask, st Ives lifting mask is good, cheap and effective. For sheet masks, I like my beauty diary and the face shop ones, they works quite well for me and I have also been using them for years. :)


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