Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dean & Deluca

When I meet up with my girlfriends, I don't usually go shopping with them because I am not a shopping person. I prefer to meet them over a meal or coffee and just sit there and catch up.

It has been a while since I last met up with V and C and it's time for one. Date and time has been confirmed and all that is left is the location. V suggested Dean & Deluca, which is newly opened on level 4 of Orchard Central. This name sound darn classy and since I have never heard of it, I googled for it. Apparently it is a very popular cafe in New York that not only serves nice breads, pastries and food but they do carry groceries such as pasta sauces, various unique condiments (such as truffle sea salt that cost $50!!!) and nice yummy looking cookies and chocolate. Enough said, we are indeed going to this place!!

Given the irritatingly long structure of Orchard Central with confusing shop lots and all, of course I got lost when I tried to look for Dean & Deluca. When I eventually found the cafe, I realised the easiest way is to take the glass lift to level 4 and it's right there. One thing about Orchard Central is that it's not as crowded as other shopping centres in Orchard but Dean & Deluca do not take reservations so it is still better to not go too late.

There is a very very good selection of pastries and breads and all look good and yummy but we did not try any of it. There are a small selection if main course such as salmon, burgers and pastas and also all day breakfast!!! In the end, we ordered Mac & cheese, grilled chicken salad and American breakfast to share.

The taste of the food..... I would say so so. The deepest impression I have about it was mac & cheese as you can see from the pic above that it does not have thick cheese covering it like how we usually sees. Instead, it is in a pie form that's dry. The cheese flavour in the macaroni is just enough and not over powering and I especially like it that I do not get sick of it like how I used to feel when eating normal mac & cheese.

I feel there is no ambience per say because in Orchard Central, everything just seems cold. But nonetheless, I'm glad it is away from the crowds. Price-wise, I would say it's steep since the small portion of mac & cheese cost $10, grilled chicken salad $9 and American breakfast at $22. Oh, just to side track a bit but I love chai tea latte and Dean & Deluca has this drink on the menu called 'Dirty Chai Tea latte'..... Hmmm..... I was laughing with V when we saw this.

Have you checked out Dean & Deluca yet? I feel it is quite an interesting place to go if you have never been there. :)


  1. Ruby.. I have tried Dean & Deluca. I have to sadly agree with you that I think their price is overpriced. Their pastry is nowhere comparable to other brunch places and their ambience is just average.

    1. Agree. It's nice to go and try but to go again, I might think again.

  2. I was at Dean & Deluca last weekend, and I had the American Country Breakfast and Dirty Chai Latte Ice Blended! It's actually quite an awesome drink! hehe.. I agree that it's overpriced, but the breakfast portion was huge! But no matter what, it still loses out to the original outlet in New York, just pales in comparison..

    1. I must try this drink the next time I'm there! Hehe


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