Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Play date and Chanel lipstick haul!

There is no better way to spend the weekend meeting new friends and talking about anything under the sun. When Jacqueline of The Beauty Hoard took the lead to organise a play date, I quickly said YES because we have been talking over the web for so long and it would really be wonderful to finally meet.

I am actually very shy when it comes to strangers but thank goodness Jacqueline is such an easy-going person whom we click almost immediately! We had a nice time checking out GA counter at DFS where both of us picked up ETK 21 Obsidian Grey. We are happy gals in beauty haven, chatting about things from beauty, work, family etc etc. Had such good times that it don't cross our mind to take pictures, haha. Jacq, next time ok!!

Our hot mama left earlier for her dance class and I headed over to Chanel Ion to check out the new Chanel collection and Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks (which is highly raved by Jacq and juju). I was swatching by myself for quite a while and 3 shades caught my eyes: 32 La Ravissante, 35 L' Elegante, 37 L'Exubérante. I really can't decide which to get and decide to get Jacq's advice via Watsapp (the wonder of technology! Haha). I was tempted to get 35 because I have been thinking about getting a bright pink shade that is not too bright but wanted to get a second opinion. Guess what? Jacq also went for 35!! Yeah, that's a go for me!!

The next Rouge Allure Velvet that I intend to get is definitely 32 which is a nice coral colour. Although I have yet to try it on my lips, the initial feel based on the swatch on my hand is that despite the matte formula, it's not drying. Despite cleaning off the swatches after a few minutes with a tissue paper, I can still see stains left behind showing the lasting power of the lipstick.

It's only mid-week and I can't wait for the week to b over. Let's hang in there!!! Ganbatte!!!


  1. The pleasure was all mine my dear, I had a lovely time too :) I am dying to see you wear L'Exuberante. Yup TGIF coming really soon, I can't wait for my weekends to start.

  2. I promise I will wear L' Exubérante soon. And I will also bring out all my lip stash and start using. :)

  3. I also like #32 La Ravinssantte but didn't buy it. I am afraid it would look to coral on me.


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