Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My love.........

Everyone like things that are pretty or cute and I am not exception. Throw in a kitty into the equation and you got me immediately. I love cats and all my friends know this fact. Any accessories that has kitties in it, I love it. If it looks cute or is in pink, I HAVE to get it for sure.

Today I am posting this totally random post on my love for kitties and I hope I am not boring you with it. Here are some of the kitties stuffs (other than my 4 life fur babies) I have :)

Paul n Joe has some of the the cutest design and in some collections, kitties are incorporated into the design. Make up + kitties = winner for Ruby, hahahahaha. As you can see above, other than the face & eyeshadow palettes that I have used, the highlighter stick and lipstick are still brand new. This is especially so because I can't bear the thought of the kitty head losing a ear or hat. In any case, I shouldn't just leave it brand new and should really start to use them. Yes yes, Ruby.... Stop being a hoarder. :)

Above is 1 of the few Hello Kitty hand phone case that I purchased after getting iPhone 4S. There you have it, cute + pink + kitty = must buy! Lol

Till today, I have no idea who placed this kitty ornament at my office desk. My friend, L call it the stray cat, haha. I guess someone probably saw my love for cats from the pictures of my fur kids that I placed on my desk and decided to randomly give me this.

All my cats, except for Astro are adopted from Cat Welfare Society. For potential cat owners out there, please please support adoption. Strays or pedigrees, you will receive the same kitty treatment :). I have always supported Cat Welfare Society by donating to some of the appeals that the society posted. This calendar was purchased as part of donating to the society as well and it feature stray cats in Singapore as the calendar models.

Here we have is a thermo mug that doesn't work well to retain heat. But it's cute with all the cartoons and do u see a kitty at the top left hand corner???

Lastly, a kitty hand phone charm!! It's troublesome to remove the plug whenever I would like to plug in my earphone but who cares! It's pretty lor!!

Do u have a fetish for something that you can't resist?? Share with me!


  1. Oh that Paul n Joe is really cute! Paul n Joe likes to release very cute design.

  2. yah, I am quite sad that they pulled out of Singapore. They have very good products too.

  3. I see your love for cats goes all the way to all things kitty. So is your house also filled with kitty prints and stuff?

    1. Jacq, home wise not so, lol. That will be too extreme. But my personal stuffs will have kitty prints on and off.

  4. AWW KITTIES!!! I wanted the Paul & Joe pieces, but I knew I'd never use them so I had to let them pass! What a great collection :)

    1. Sunny, thanks for your compliment. :)

      I knew I would most likely not bear to use the P&J items but I still couldn't resist not getting them.


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