Friday, June 29, 2012

Burberry Compact Foundation Trench No.7

After the pan out of my HG compact foundation of Chanel Mat Lumiere Extreme previously posted here, I'm on a lookout to try other compact foundation. I was seriously tempted to just stick with Chanel but am itching to try out new ones as well.

I love Burberry eyeshadows and thus wanted to try out their compact foundation to see if it works as well. I was matched to Trench No.7.

Similar to the eyeshadows, the compact foundation is housed in a metal case with magnetic close. The magnet is pretty strong so you need not worry that the case will open up on its own. The case as well as the compact foundation has Burberry's signature checks and everything about it just look so chic. The makeup sponge is in a separate compartment below the compact foundation but given the strong magnet, I find it quite difficult to open the clasp and reach the sponge. I ended up inverting the whole case to find any small gap that will give me a chance to open the catch.

Coverage of the compact foundation is build able from sheer to medium. Any further coverage will look cakey (similar to other compact foundations). Lasting power is moderate of around 6 hours or so and comparison to Chanel Mat Lumiere Extreme, it fair poorer. The oil control properties of Burberry Compact Foundation is not as great as Chanel, but it certainly works better for me as recently my skin seems to be going through some changes and my combination skin seems to hunger for moisture. I would recommend this foundation to busy ladies with normal to combination skin who wants speed in the application of foundation. However, I would not yet call this my HG foundation yet because I have not felt that it is irreplaceable in the vast selection of compact foundation.


  1. I've been wondering about this since I was matched to trench #7 in the liquid foundation. Love your blog! I'm following you now.


  2. Love Burberry--haven't tried anything any of their base products though. I don't feel like they are really formulated for oily skin, which I have. Love their cheek and lip colors though! Their eyeshadows are next on my list

  3. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your kind comments and you can give this compact foundation a try if oiliness is not one of your concern.

  4. Hi Becca,

    I totally agree with you that Burberry foundation don't seems suitable for oily skin. You HAVE to try their eyeshadows! Their buttery texture is really good!!


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