Sunday, June 10, 2012

Seoul Yummy at Square 2

This is by far the best korean dinner I ever had. It's filling, satisfying and totally worth every penny for the amount of food we are having. I'm talking about Korean Arm Stew at Seoup Yummy at Square 2. :)

Situated at Square 2, just behind Novena Square, you can expect the crowd to be substantially lesser. I love lesser crowds because Singapore is noisy and crowded enough, I need some space sometimes. When I saw the Korean Army Stew combo 2, I told BC 'I want to eat this!!!!', haha.

This combo is totally worth it because it comes with all the korean appetizers, 2 brown rice, 2 barley drink, 1 side dish (we chose potato pancake and other choices are spicy ricecakes, fried dumplings and others that I can't remember) and 1 dessert.

Korean appetizers

Potato pancake

Now to the main course...... Korean Army Stew!!! There are 2 choices: assorted meat or seafood and we went with assorted meat. The number of ingredients is impressive! From what I can see when they brought the pot over to cook, I am seeing ramen, chicken, pork, beef, golden mushrooms, sausages, ham, vegetable, carrot, toufu and baked beans.
Uncooked version of korean army stew

Cooked version of korean army stew, yums!

With the amount of food in this pot, we seriously do not eat the rice at all. It fills us up totally! The soup is not too spicy and is just nice. Wonderful wonderful broth there. Most importantly, the ingredients are fresh.

Dessert is cold red bean soup with green tea rice balls, along side with marshmallow.

I am seriously impressed with Seoul Yummy's Korean Army Stew and me and BC will definitely for more. :)


  1. Looks good and I love Korean food alot and can't wait to give it a try :)

  2. U shd!! This combo is very good for sharing.


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