Monday, June 25, 2012

Bintan holiday

Friends who know me will know that I hardly go for holidays. Other than the fact that I have 4 fur kids at home (1 of which has special needs), the idea of forking out a sum of money to travel also gives me heartache, lol.

But when BC told me that he badly needs a break away from Singapore and his work, we found some deals on Groupon which works out quite ok for us. The resort is not high end like Angsana or Nirwana but it's fine with us since we have never been to Bintan before.

The deal we bought from Groupon was 2D1N stay at Bintan Cabana Beach Resort and the ride from the ferry terminal is long at approximately an hour. In fact the child of this family in the same van as us heading towards the resort asked 'Mummy, uncle driving us back to Singapore??' I almost laughed out when I heard it so yes, the trip was that long.

The resort is not fantastic but decent and the staffs there are all very friendly. Unfortunately, there are no recreational activities available in the resort BUT we can take the shuttle bus to their sister resort, Bintan Agro Beach Resort (15mins ride away) for water sports and all. Me and BC are not water sports people so we ended up enjoying the sea breeze, watching movie on our iPad and having massages. It's definitely a good chance to get away from the crowd and especially work.

Unfortunately for us, the food sucks. I would have no complaints if they can serve nice traditional Indonesian food there but they had to attempt to serve Chinese or English cuisine cooked using Indonesian way which makes the food taste weird. Let me quote you an example. When we order oatmeal prawns in Singapore, the prawns and oatmeal are fried until nice and crispy right? Well..... When we ordered oatmeal squid at the resort, the dish came out wet! Yes, the oatmeal is wet and just like u soaking pork floss in porridge! Nonetheless, the best meal we had during our trip was the MacDonald's we had when we arrive back home, haha.

Even the food was bad, the whole experience I had at Bintan was still an enjoyable one. It's definitely a good break and we already are planning for another trip for year end! Yeah!! Before I end this post, here are some pics I took :)


  1. Getting away is always nice, the pace is slower and you get to rest. I tend to sleep more :) Lovely pictures dear. I understand about not wanting to leave your pets. Thankfully I only have a hamster with serious diva issues. My mom takes care of her when we are away.

  2. Totally agree with you that having a holiday is a good chance to catch up on our sleep debt.

    I like you comment that your hamster has serious diva issue! LOL

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  4. I am glad that overall you enjoyed your holiday. I agree that the food in Bintan is not nice but the feeling of getting away from a busy place is priceless :)


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