Friday, April 1, 2011

Update on bareMinerals foundation

Remember I was mentioning in yesterday's post that one of the reasons I love bareMinerals foundation is because it is superlasting but I am unsure if it is due to its Prime Time primer? Well, instead of using Prime Time primer before the foundation, I switched to my RMK creamy matte makeup base and guess what? The foundation lasts just as well!! No blotting is required until 6 hours later and even when blotted with tissue, I do not see the usual foundation coming off and turning the tissue paper beige (only very minimal). There is also no oxidization consistent with yesterday's usage.

What can I say except that it's my HG foundation now!!! U guys should really try it out.


  1. Any comments on the coverage btw this mineral foundation & Channel foundation? ^^

  2. Coverage btw bareMinerals and Chanel 2-way seems comparable in my opinion. bareMinerals' coverage is buildable and will look natural and not look cakey. Chanel can look cakey if u apply too much.

  3. erm.... gosh.. should i try this??? =_=''

  4. Haha, if u ask me now, I would suggest u getting this because it really look very natural even though it provides coverage.


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