Wednesday, April 20, 2011


BC and myself have been fans of breakfast, breakfast with hearty toasts, runny scrambled eggs, sausages etc etc (gosh, I am drooling now......). As such, for BC's 'pre-hatch' day celebration, I brought him to Hatched at Evan Lodge which serve eggs dishes (mainly breakfasts menu) ALL DAY!

It is situated at Evan Road, which is pretty near to Botanical Gardens. However, as the restaurant is a cozy small outlet, you definitely have to make a reservation as we arrived at 10am and we already saw some couples queueing up and waiting for an available seat.

Based on the restaurant's name, it is needless to say that their menu revolve mainly around EGGS. You can see various dishes with different way of cooking an egg: poached, fried, scrambled, egg benedict etc etc. We decided to order the dish 'Hitched Me Up' (if I remember the name correctly), which serves for 2. It comes with eggs (we can choose 2 ways for the eggs to be done and we chose scrambled only), 2 meats (bacon or ham or sausages), toasts, potatoes and a waffle.

Hitched Me Up

Do not underestimate the serving size of what was shown in the picture, it is filling........ Both me and BC were full after this hearty, satisfying and yummy meal. Service is prompt and good. We do not need to wait to get a table as we made a reservation. They took down our order promptly and we did not have to wait long for our food to arrive (approximately 10 mins or slightly shorter) and most importantly, they were friendly and always had a smile on their face. Imagine facing a super black face when you are having the most important meal of the day, I would say your day is officially screwed! Haha.

OH!!! Hatched does not charge GST or service charge which means it is also very friendly on your pocket. Hitched Me Up cost $28 and with a pot of earl grey and a ice cafe latte, it only cost $37.50 which is super cool! Me and BC would definitely be back.

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