Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I have never been a fan of beers because of the bitter taste. The only beer I tasted so far that wasn't so bitter was Singha, a Thai beer that I had when I went Koh Samui for a business meeting.

Last Saturday, met my colleagues for a meal and they suggested grabbing a drink. It was highly recommended because this place served beer mix. Beer mixed with juice or soft drink etc, which is quite interesting.

We headed to Brozeit at Raffles City Shopping Centre and I ordered a Russ'n (beer mixed with sprite) and man, it was good! It taste sweeter than usual beer with the slight gas-y feel of a soft drink. Quite a refreshing change, I must say. Bc tried beer mixed with mango juice and he loved it too! But it has been a while since me and Bc last drank that a glass of 0.5ml beer mix was all that we can handle, such loser we are! But what's most enjoyable was not the drink but the fact that we were with a wonderful bunch of people!!!

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