Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My current wishlist (ever growing......)

Just a few days ago, I decided to come up with a wish list of stuffs that I would like to get over the next few months. I can already foresee that this list will just increase and not decrease, haha, which is super bad news. I seriously have to prioritise what to get and what not to get.

1) Clarins UV Plus Day Screen High Protection

As what I have blogged last week, this item is definitely on the top of my list since my current Ettusias UV block is running low. After trying out the sample that L gave me, I definitely fell in love with the light, watery texture.

2) Lunasol Ocean Scene Eyes (Spring 2011)

Given my limited eye makeup skills, I always try to avoid matte eye shadows since the colour tend to come out stronger. If I apply it correctly, good for me. Otherwise, I am screwed since given the amount of time I have in the morning (which is very tight), I have no time to remove and re do it again. Lunasol eye palettes are usually shimmery and lighter in colours which is what I like. People might say it's a waste of money to spend $77 and get a palette that does not seems to show up the colours. But this is actually what I like, I do not need a palette that has strong colours, I want a palette that does show up the colours but in a subtle and natural way, my personal choice. :)

So anyway, I am torn between 01 Warm Ocean (a mix of pink and purples) or 04 Smokey Ocean (a mix of beige and dark blue, seems like a good choice for beginners to try out smoky looks).
3) Chanel Rouge Coco Shine

I am definitely getting Boy and Libertine from this range of lipsticks. Since they are permanent, I can take my time to get them, no hurry!!! :)

4) Paul & Joe 2011 Summer Creation

This collection is so calling out to me!!! I have already shortlisted a few items (limited edition) that I would like to get!!! Dammit.....

I have been a fan of P&J eye gloss and had 2 of them. They are easy to apply and great when I am in a rush as I only had to apply 1 colour on my lid, gently smudging it upwards and I am ready to ZOOM out of the house. 002 Fathom is definitely coming home with me as I have been looking for a brown and silverish eye gloss.

I like the swirling pattern in this lipgloss and I am torn betweem 002 Swept Away and 003 Sailor's delight but I am more inclined to getting 003 for the tangerine, coral shade.

Lately, I have started to appreciate the invention of bronzer. It gives a healthy glow on my face and at the same time I can also use it for contouring (which I still sucks on it but I am definitely practising!!). The fish embossing on this P&J bronzer is damn cute!

4) Chanel Lift Lumiere liquid foundation

I am still considering getting this liquid foundation after trying the sample and falling in love with the medium coverage that looks natural. Perhaps coupled with Chanel loose powder? Hmm....

5) Illamasqua

I am lemming for the following:-
  • Blusher in Rumour and Unrequited
  • Cream pigment in Hollow and Delirium from Toxic Nature Collection
  • Nail Varnish in Stagnate from Toxic Nature Collection
  • Pure Pigment in Involve and Furore
This could be a huge hole in the pocket which is why I need to consider carefully before getting them.

6) Dior Nude Glow Aurora Healthy Glow Summer Powder

Cafe Makeup has excellent pictures, swatches and review on Dior's 2011 Summer 2011 Collection bronzer and Aurora particularly caught my attention.

Ok, I think this is ENOUGH for 1 wishlist......... dammit..........

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