Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Clarins Wishlist

I always have a come and go relationship with Clarins skincare. One way or another, after using their product, I will change to another brand and still steer back, like a child going home, lol.

There is no doubt that Clarins have very good products and I like it that they are plant based products which is natural in a way. Looking at the products that are finishing soon on my dressing table, I have already identify 2 products from Clarins that I will be buying within the next month or so.

1) Clarins Multi Active Night Youth Recovery Cream

This is a newer version of multi active night lotion which I completed some time back. For the purpose of early line prevention, this is an excellent choice. The light texture is suitable for my combination skin unlike some anti ageing products which feels heavy and oily.

2) Clarins UV Plus Day Screen High Protection

You might have notice that most sunblock are thick, oily and leaves a white cast after application. To make things worse, the higher the SPF, the thicker and oilier it will be. For a high SPF 40 sunblock, this sunblock defies all the usual of a sunblock. The light, watery texture of this sunblock means it does not feel thick or oily in any way. And after application, it also does not leave any white cast at all. Although it is at a hefty price tag of $74, my feel is that it seems quite a good investment for a good sun protection.


  1. I never realised you loved clarins that much! I used their products before but the fragrance is so strong that it completely put me off.

    Anyway, how are you?

  2. i think i am a sucker for their fragrance though, haha. their moisturisers seems to work quite ok for me, at least don't give me breakouts *touch wood*

    i am ok, starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel with the training of my new colleague.

    u coping well in denmark?

  3. Finally you're a little more at ease now. Denmark is good so far. Lots of parties every weekend!


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