Thursday, April 28, 2011

How to make popcorn at home

Lately, BC has been on a popping popcorn frenzy. Every other day, he will make some home made popcorn (lightly buttered ones), and honestly it look pretty simple to make. The step which is most important is the HEAT.

So what we need are:-
1) A pan with lid (what we are using at home is a Tefal non stick pan)
2) Raw corn seeds (easily available in supermarket)
3) Butter (melted before hand before popping the popcorn)

The steps to popping:-
1) Heat the pan on high heat first
2) Once the pan is nicely heated up, pour in the raw corn seeds and melted butter. Put on the lid and wait till you hear the 1st pop, that's the sign that you need to lower the heat down to medium.
3) As the corn seeds continue to pop, be sure to shake the pan on and off so that heat is evenly distributed to all the corn seeds and popped pop corn will not be burnt (same rationale as stirring a stew so that the bottom of the stew will not be burnt).
4) Once the popping sound diminish, open the lid to check if most of the corn seeds are popped. Typically, 90% of them will pop. This is a sign that you can turn off the heat and leave the popcorns in the pan (with the lid still on) in case of any last minute popping.
5) Approximately 5 mins later, you are ready to serve lightly buttered home make popcorns!!

During the 1st few tries, it's normal that popcorns will be burnt while most corn seeds are still not popped. After a few trial and error, you will be able to control the heat of your stove to have nicely popped popcorns.

Happy popping!!!!!

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