Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Queen & Mangosteen (Vivocity)

A few close colleagues of mine always organize a monthly 'Happy Hour' session on a Friday after our hectic month end reporting for a chill out cum drinking session. This month's session was at The Queen & Mangosteen.

I have to say I am not so sure I want to go back to them again because the service seriously sucks.

1) We used a chair to place our bags and laptop and when 1 of the staff there (he sure looks like a supervisor as he is dressed differently from others) came over and said that he need the chair for a customer. No smile, no please, nothing. Just a freaking face which makes me wanna slap him.

2) Service was terribly slow. We asked for extra mayonnaise for our beer battered onion rings, it never came. We asked for bill the 1st round (my colleague actually went to cashier and request for bill to be given to us), it never came. We asked for it the 2nd time, it came but after the bill came, the waiter did not wait for my colleague to give her credit card and he left. And we have to WAIT AGAIN for someone to come and collect the bill and card to process. The whole payment process is easily 15 mins which is damn inefficient.

Despite then serving nice choc pudding and beer battered onion rings, I am simply not enticed to go back again because their service is really terrible. In fact, we had the intention to create a din there and then to refuse to pay for the 10% service charge but decided not to.

Anyway, some pics of the drinks and food we had, which is actually not bad (but not fantastic).

Lychee champagne

Beer battered onion rings

Choc pudding

Burnt cream (simply known as creme brûlée)


  1. Hey Ruby, Yikes! That's really bad service. I'm not sure if u can really get away with the 10% service tax. Can u? But not acceptable, I would have had a serious chat with the manager. Oh then again, the manager is the one that needs help! lol

  2. I know of an incident that the 10% service tax was waived after the customer made a HUGE din in front of other customers. We thought no point since it's the manager / supervisor who had issue.

    Gab posted a bad review on their Facebook page though.


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