Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Swiss Culture recap

About 2 weeks ago, me with BC and my colleagues headed to Swiss Culture once again to satisfy some cheese fondue cravings. The food did not disappoint us at all. Given that we had more people, we decided to order more dishes. Had salads (smoke salmon & caesar), cheese fondue (A MUST!!!), meat platter (similar to mixed grills), seafood platter (nothing fantastic and I do not think I will order it again) and choc fondue!!!!

Swiss Culture at Suntec once again

Smoke Salmon salad

Yummy Cheese Fondue & not so fantastic seafood platter

Mixed vegs and bread for cheese fondue

Meat platter

Yummy Choc fondue

If you think this choc fondue looks small, the bowl is actually quite deep and is more than sufficient for 5 of us. In fact, we placed order for another plate of bananas and strawberries after we finished this plate as there are still choc left!

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