Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hot Pot King @ Yew Tee Point

Met up with J for a demo session at Ettusias counter in the late morning for a makeover demo and we were out since then till after dinner and man.... I'm really tired, haha. Old liao..... Lol

J recommended Hot Pot King at Yew Tee Point for dinner and I really enjoyed my dinner! We chose chicken soup and tom yam soup as our 2 soup bases and they were good. The chicken soup is light and fragrant and the tom yam soup was sufficiently sour and spicy and not too oily or spicy.

The steamboat buffet operates like sushi on a conveyor belt whereby instead of seeing sushis on the plate moving along the belt, we see meats, beancurds, vegs etc instead. I think this is a good idea as the portion is smaller than usual ala carte buffet thus we can just take another serving if we need more (I always experience wastages with ala carte buffet as the serving size were bigger). Cooked food such as fried samosa, fried nuggets, fried wanton, fried buns are also available. Their choc fried buns are yummy because we can taste the choc taste! There were also red bean soup for desserts. The drinks provided were not nice though, just sugar syruped water thus we decided to top up and buy bottled mineral water instead.

Service wise, I would give them a 8 / 10 as they were prompt in clearing away empty plates and plastic 'cases' (used to cover the food while on the belt) and also topping up our soups when they noticed our soups are running low. The seats, on the other hand needs improvement. We sat at a booth seat whereby the seats were so close to the table that we felt we couldn't move much once seated and it feel abit squeezy.

Nevertheless, this is a great dinner with a great pal with hub thus we truly enjoyed this meal. Me and hub were so FULL after the meal!!!

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