Monday, April 9, 2012

Porn's @ SAFRA Mt Faber

It's always sad to see a nice colleague leave but we always end up feeling happy over a nice farewell meal! That should be life, right? :) For the farewell lunch for C, one of my dear colleague whom I had worked closely with for the past 1 year, we headed to Porn's at SAFRA Mt Faber for C's farewell lunch.

When we reached around 1230, it was not crowded which is a good thing, given the place is not very big. We ordered Thai Salad with minced pork and vermicelli, tom yum seafood soup, pandan chicken, fried kang kong and fried omelette with minced pork.

My favourite among these dishes would be the Thai salad. I just love the refreshing taste of this salad with minced pork and cashew nuts. Most importantly, I love vermicelli! Tom yum soup is pretty spicy too so do drink it carefully to not get choked but the heat just gives you the kick, I like!

Fried kang kong, pandan chicken and omelette is just normal in my opinion but at least I enjoyed the food served at Porn's. A nice meal in my opinion.

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  1. wow, i guess food here is delicious base on what i have saw on your photos.....



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