Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Group Therapy at 49 Duxton Road

Me and BC love brunches on lazy weekends and as such, we love hearty hearty brunch (considering we are compressing 2 meals into 1) with eggs, meat and toast. Initially when we walked past Group Therapy along Duxton Road, we thought it is pretty interesting to have a eating place on the 2nd floor of a shophouse. Needless to say, we googled for it when we were back and got all excited thinking that it is a all-day breakfast place just like Hatched. But when we reached Group Therapy some time later, we were vastly disappointed.

First and foremost, they do not accept reservation. For a small place, which can only accomodate around 20 customers, no reservation?????? My honest opinion..... either you head over super early or you pray that their business to be not so good so that you do not have to queue long for a seat.

Next, the menu. It's not an all-day breakfast place!!! It's more like a cafe that served sandwiches. The only few items on the menu which is considered breakfast to me are granolas, toasted bagel with ham (which is what BC ordered) and pancakes. I do not recall if there were any more breakfast items as my heart was already on ground floor. In any case, we still managed to find something that we would like to eat. BC ordered ham on toasted bagel with cream cheese and a sunny side up as additional order. I ordered toasted ham and cheese panini and scrambled eggs as additional order. We also had our skinny lattes along with the food.

BC commented that he was only impressed with the ham because it looked thick and juicy as you can see from the first picture above. My ham and cheese sandwich was decent but the serving is pretty big. However, I am disappointed with their scrambled eggs as it looks more like omelette than scrambled eggs. It was cooked so well that it does not have the runny texture anymore. :)

Now to the ambience of Group Therapy. Yes, it is nice and cosy as you can see from the pictures below but all sound are trapped in the small space! I do not find this place nice and relaxing throughout our 1 hour stay there as I can hear the lady on my left talking about her work and the guy on my right talking about his photography trip. I am really not interested in their conversation, seriously!

Will I be coming back? NO, that's for sure. I rather pay a bit more for transport to Evan Lodge for Hatched which is also more reasonably priced. We actually paid $56 for what we ordered and honestly, we feel we could have gotten a better deal dining somewhere else.


  1. Hm... Only the aesthetics it seems. How ever tried any breakfast places in sg except for toast box! My favourite ham and cheese with kopi c. Yum!

  2. Toast box breakfast is yummy but not getting cheap these days too. Inflation! Lol


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