Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Desperately trying to complete......

I have completed a number of skincare and makeup stuffs over the years and never once a lip product...... God, I'm dying to just finish a lipstick / lipgloss / lip balm!!!! Why can't I just complete 1?????

But lately I noticed that one of my lipstick in my disgusting stash is finally heading someway towards the completion line and that is Dior Addict High Shine in champagne blush which I blogged here previously.

If I can wear this to bed so as to speed up the usage, I would! But that would be such a waste isn't it? Thus I am telling myself that this will be the ONLY lipstick I would be using until it is completed. And since I do not bring this out for touch ups, this could mean this lipstick could still be around next month, BUT let's start somewhere. :)

The shine and pink shimmers in this lipstick is just lovely that makes my face glows even though I could be having only compact foundation, eyebrow and blusher on me (which is my usual routine lately since I am too tired in the morning to do more). I don't think I would pick this shade again given the vast variety of shades and finishes of the lipsticks available in the market but it will always be one of the shades I remember.

So here is the pic of the Dior lipstick showing how much is left in the tube next to my new love, Yankee Candle in Lemon Lavender. I'm sure I'm going to be picking up more of this candle. :)


  1. You can do it! One lipstick at a time!

  2. Miaka, jia you! I love Yankee candles too! I will also pick out Lemon Lavendar the next time I pop by Vivo.

  3. I also face the same problem heehee can never actually finish using a lip stick or gloss as i cannot resist buying more new ones when i go shopping. I will end up using my new purchases and the old ones gets left in a corner which is a bad habit i'm trying to get rid :)

  4. Janice, that's what happen to me too. I buy new lipsticks and end up using them and the old ones just pile and pile. haha. so I must FINISH this lipstick! ganbatte!!


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