Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blackbird Cafe

The hunt for the next brunch place is on again and this time round we are at Blackbird Cafe at The Luxe. The Luxe is conveniently situated next to The Cathay and near Plaza Singapore but despite the convenience, it is reasonably peaceful which I love it.

Brunch starts from 10am and we were there from 1030am with only 2 customers. Even though the cafe is not huge, it is spacious and cool. The ambience is nice which makes chatting with friends such an enjoyable event.

As usual, I ordered a latte and BlackBird Big Breakie, which consist of choice of eggs (mine is scrambled, of course!), toast, pork sausage, bacon, grilled tomato, baked beans and hash cake. Very hearty right???? It's very yummy too! The scrambled eggs are nicely done and I like the hash cake too. The hash cake is like a fried mashed potato cake which is different from the usual hash browns we eat. The toast is nicely toasted and bacon taste decent but I do not like the pork sausage, taste weird, in my opinion. Not that it's not fresh, it is but the taste just doesn't goes well with my taste bud.

BC and Juju ordered Nana's omelette which is an omelette with ham and cheese. Sorry I did not managed to take a picture of it as we were just busy eating our food. They had good comments about the omelette as well and it does not look dry from frying but smooth and moist. :)

BC also ordered a bread basket and the presentation looks good.

Honestly, I do not have any complaints about the food but the services could seriously be better. Initially when I was ordering for Juju before she arrived, she wanted Big Breakie with omelette. However, when I placed the order, the waitress say it cannot be done in omelette form, only poached or scrambled. Seriously, we do not see why omelette is an issue if you are using the same amount of eggs. Secondly, the service staffs there were all busy chatting among themselves instead of attending to customers' needs and it certainly look more effort on our part to get their attention. Tsk tsk tsk....... this is definitely area of improvement.

Prices are very reasonable at $18++ for Big Breakie and $12++ for Nana's omelette. Quite decent in my opinion. Would I go back Blackbird Cafe again? The answer is still a yes. Food and convenience definitely scored some points there. Even though the service could be better, I'm still ok as long as they do not behave as if I owe them money, haha.


  1. I love eggs so you are making me ver hungry. I love your posts about food, I like that I can safely go somewhere knowing that the place has good food.

  2. Hi Jacq, thanks for the compliments. :) blackbird cafe serves quite nice brunch although the brunch menu is limited and service staffs are so so. You can consider giving it a try on weekends.


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