Monday, April 16, 2012


After watching 'Battleship' yesterday, I only have 1 word to describe it......AWESOME!. It is really good and makes you sooooo excited at every scene. For a movie which is 131mins long, it does not feel that long at all.

I did not know this game is adapted from a game but BC enjoyed it because he played the game before when he was younger. The graphics is very impressive and it's really amazing to know the advancement of current technology is soooo good to create graphics that look so real. This movie has a taste of 'Transformers' especially when we look at the alien's battleship.

On a separate note, the male lead, Taylor Kitsch look damn cool in the movie! He look wayyyyyy better with his short hair and clean-shaved face!

Rihanna is also acting in this movie as a weapons specialist I was halfway through the movie and was thinking for the longest time who is this actress who reminds me so much of Rihanna. I only realised she is Rihanna when the movie ended and credits were rolled!

This is definitely a movie I would recommend and especially so if you played the game before. 4.5 popcorns out of 5!!

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