Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dinner at Breko, Holland Village

Me and BC have always patronize Breko for their breakfast but we have never thought of trying out their dinner menu until we saw a customer ordering a HUGE burger when we walked past Breko once.

So we finally gave their dinner a try and it's quite ok. BC ordered ribs with pasta and the aglio olio pasta is abit too oily for our liking but the ribs are so so (soft but not wow). I ordered a grilled salmon that came with 2 sides of my choice and I chose bacon and onion mash and garden salad. The salmon was fresh but the portion is really small (imagine it to be the size of a small piece of cake from candele). The garden salad was tossed too soon with the dressing that made the vegetables turned 'old' abit too soon but the mash was good. It's smooth and had the lovely fragrance from the bacon bits, yums!

Breko, in general is situated at a very convenient location in Holland Village which is even more convenient for people who travel by circle line. It's easy for me to get there from my home and I have no complaints about the location. Food is not exceptionally delicious but it is reasonable for the price of $15 for a plate of pasta and ribs or grilled salmon with 2 sides. The only peeve I have is the way they arrange the seats. In order to accommodate more customers, they gave up with this 'ingenious' idea to line the tables and chairs in a row at the entrance. As such, customers actually struggle to come into the restaurant, how smart can they get???

Lately we also noticed the portion of the breakfast set shrinking, I guess the cost of inflation is taking a toil on the restaurant owners. But I would rather they increase the price slightly and maintain the same portion size the shrink the portion.


  1. Looks yummy! Salmon here is at its abundance and so cheap too. :-) But here I am so deprived of Asian food!!!!!!!!! And really missing bubble tea! Speaking of which, my S.O loves these drinks. I told him "if you enjoy these, then you're already considered asian". :-D

  2. He loves bubble teas??? He shd come over with you when you head back for a trip, there are tonnes of good bubble teas lately, koi and gong Cha to name a few. :)

  3. After reading this post, I dragged hubby and my dear son to Breko's for breakfast this morning. :)

  4. Me and hubby almost went there this morning too!


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