Friday, April 6, 2012

Misses for March: Lancôme Teint Miracle liquid foundation & Revlon lipbutter

We all love good purchases that made us feel that we made the right decision and spending the money. The cruel truth however is that no matter how much we research on a particular product, there are just some products that might not suit us or we end up not liking them.

Today I would like to share my misses for March: Lancôme Teint Miracle liquid foundation and Revlon lip butter.

Lancôme Teint Miracle liquid foundation

I have done many researches online before deciding to give this foundation a try but unfortunately, it still doesn't work for me. My preference in foundation is one with medium coverage. Even though I have combination skin, I do not need one with oil control and I find acceptable to have shine even within 4 hours. But somehow, this liquid foundation just doesn't sit well on me. I have read on many beauty blogs that it provides light coverage but it didn't cross my mind that I would dislike the light coverage since the acne scars and redness on my face are still visible. Having the lazy streak in me, concealer is never an option for me, lol.

Earlier on, I mentioned that this foundation does not sit well on me and believe me when I say I tried different combination possible and I still dislike this. The combinations I tried so far:-
1) P&J Moisturising Primer + Teint Miracle + P&J Pressed powder = Shine appearing as fast as within 3 hours (disaster!!)
2) RMK Creamy makeup base + Teint Miracle + P&J Pressed Powder = Oil control is better but my skin feels tight and uncomfortable
3) Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen + Teint Miracle + P&J Pressed Powder = It looks perfect for the 1st 2 hours and subsequently turning to an oil field once again :(
4) Dior Snow UV Shield BB Cream + Teint Miracle + P&J Pressed Powder = looks full coverage for my liking. Foundation stayed on the best with this combination but I just find it too drama to have full coverage
5) Teint Miracle + Chanel Mat Lumiere Extreme = cakey cakey, hiaz.

This liquid foundation is a miss for me not because it is a lousy product but I have certain requirement of a liquid foundation that I look out for which it is not able to meet, primarily in terms of coverage and oil control. For ladies with complexion not requiring much concealing and having normal skin, I believe Lancôme Teint Miracle liquid foundation will be able to recreate the natural light of perfect skin for you that you love.

Revlon Colour Burst lip butter

When Revlon lip butters were finally launched in Singapore, I remember I RUSHED to Watson's like a crazy woman, dying to try out the texture and snagging at least one for my own use. I happily bought Peach Parfait and Sugar Plum and tried it 1 week later. Despite the website indicating that the lip butters contain hydrating mango, shea and coconut butter formula that boosts lip moisture, my lips tell me otherwise. At the end of the day after applying the lip butter, my lips crack fairly badly. Maybe it's my lips drier than normal but at least for me, this certainly doesn't live up to my expectations.

Not sure if there are any misses for you but I would love to hear you sharing them. :)


  1. I regret buying all 6 lip butters at one shot, I hardly touch them. so sorry to hear the teint miracle did not work out for you dear.

  2. The Revlon lip butters are certainly overhyped.

  3. I disliked the Lancome Miracle Liquid Foundation.
    I bought when it was first launched and after reading so much raves on the cyberworld. I decided to buy without getting a sample. My mistake!

    It doesn't hold the oil even though it is said to be oil-free. Though I like lightweight foundations but still prefer something that can provide some slight coverage. And, worst it oxidize on me. By noon, I looked one shade darker!

    I had decided to stick to Japanese foundations & Dior that works best on me. And, will get sample if possible before buying.

  4. Misselainnio, which Dior foundation is your favorite?

  5. I have Dior Nude & Dior Forever. Current favorite is still Dior Nude.
    It brightens my skin though it is slightly more creamy & thicker.. But coverage & oil control is decent and love the dewy finish.

    But I am using Shiseido foundation brush to blend it so it works okay. :) You may get a sample and try before purchasing the full size. :)


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