Monday, April 16, 2012

Completed stuffs sent for recycling

Singapore has started the public education on recycling many years ago and in my honest opinion, I do not think it is very successful. From an individual point of view, not only does many still not understand the importance for each of us to start recycling, it is not convenient for us to recycle too. The nearest recycle bin near my place is approximate 200m away and is interestingly tuck away in the direction that I normally would not walk to too.

On and off, I will always make sure I pack the old newspapers and magazines in the recycle bag that were provided to us and place it outside our unit. I do suspect that some other people would 'steal' them and sell them to garung guni man to get some money but I don't care. Because all these end up getting recycled too.

Lately, I started keeping the plastic bottles and containers of products that we completed (from shower gel, shampoo, hair conditioner, moisturizer etc) so that we can pack it in and dump into the recycle bin. I actually felt happy about it! We are all doing our little bit so let's start somewhere and start recycling!!


  1. ya singapore is not very big on recycling, different from some of the other 'more developed' asian cities. even though we create a lot of waste everyday!

    imagine that we have these recycling bins at the airport where you can separate your trash based on type, but when the cleaner comes he just empties everything into ONE big trash bag!? when i saw that once, i was thinking.. WTF

  2. Even the cleaner doesn't know how to separate the trash, this clearly shows the recycling education here in Singapore is a total failure.

  3. yay!!! way to go ruby!:)

    i recycle ALOT. much as i can lah - esp ah maos can food! it helps that the recycle bin is just at the corner of my block!

  4. Charmaine, I think I shd make it a point to recycle as and when I can.


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