Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill (#5 Gold Blitz, #08 Champagne)

Thanks to a fellow makeup junkie colleague of mine (I always have makeup junkies colleagues!!! lol) who was in HK for a business trip, she managed to snag 2 Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadows for me. It was quite an 'along the way' purchase for her as she is a vivid reader of Tracy's Beauty Blogsphere (Tracy, if you are reading this, she LOVES u!!!) and was DYING to get her hands on the liquid foundation from Giorgio Armani thus I quickly ride on it and got her to help me with my purchases as well :)

Again, I have to rely on online swatches to make my decisions on what shades to get and it was not difficult to find pics of them considering the raves that many beauty bloggers went on and on about its lasting power and pigmentation. I have already purchased #4 Pulp Fiction previously, which is a pink, greyish shade so I thought perhaps I should go for something lighter or neutral (again?????) for something that I can wear to work or on it's own. Eventually, I narrowed down to #5 Gold Blitz and #08 Champagne.

Don't you think #08 Champagne looks like a reverse of #4 Pulp Fiction given it has more pink then grey whereas Pulp Fiction has more grey than pink, haha.

I am quite glad that I managed to get Gold Blitz because from joey's space here, apparently there was no close dupes! So it's not just ANOTHER neutral, it is one of its kind as well! (just trying to justify why I am getting neutral colour again......)


  1. lol! Ruby, you always do have makeup junkie colleagues. Pls send 'hi' for me to your other makeup-junkie colleague.

  2. Haha, she says 'hi' to u and wants me to remind u to blog more!!!

  3. Hi from St. Petersburg.

    I will try to motivate myself this weekend. :-)

  4. Hi Miaka I'm dying to get my hands on Gold Blitz! I love the ETKs! Shimmery goodness in a pot.

  5. Hey Jacqueline, ETKs are really beautiful, ain't they? They should bring it into Singapore!

  6. Hi Miaka,
    Thank you for the link!!
    I hope you are enjoying Gold Blitz and you are right, it's not just another neutral =)


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