Friday, September 23, 2011

Completed: SK II Facial Treatment Essence

I have completed a few bottles of SK II Facial Treatment Essence but this baby warrant a posting in my blog because I previously neglected it and my skin went haywire!!! And when I remembered that I need to put it back into my skincare regime, 2 days was all it took to calm my skin down and restore it back.

It all started when my face started to have small bumps of blackheads and blemishes which was really irritating. You know how it felt when you cleanse your face and it doesn't feels smooth at all? I was really irritated as I exfoliate my face without fail every week. And the blemishes..... man....... it's not even the time of the month and they just kept popping out!!!!

Then I recalled that for one reason or another, I did not incorporate SK II Facial Treatment Essence into my skincare regime for a while (1 - 2 months or so). Please don't ask me why I forgot to use the essence because I am puzzled myself.... Sooooo, I started using it twice a day again, after toner and before moisturiser. Like I blogged previously, my method of application is to pour the essence onto facial pad and pat the essence onto my face gently (in fact, this was the recommended method of application per SK II site as well). And just like how this essence is called 神奇水, my skin really improved within 2 days! The bumps are gone and the blemishes are soothe and almost gone! What can I say? SK II Facial Treatment Essence really works!
I know there are ladies out there who heard of people experiencing breakouts after using the essence. I was one of them and the breakout went on for about 2 weeks. But after that, the breakout stops and my face feels smoother and more glowy. Friends were commenting that my skin improves then! However, if the breakout continue to persist, please stop it immediately. What works for some might not work for you.

The full size Facial Treatment Essence is not cheap, the smallest of 75ml retails at $95 (if I remember correctly). Yes, it is expensive but every drop of the essence is worth the money. :)

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