Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How ready are you to own a pet?

Just last week when me and hub were going to pick up Astro from the fosterer, we went to a gelato store near the pet clinic that the fosterer is working at for some snack since we were early. A pair of teens (which later on we found out to be siblings) came in to order some ice cream and while they sat down to enjoy it, a man (who is supposedly their father) came in, throw a bill from the pet clinic on the table and told them, "Look at the bill, 1000 plus. I am not going to pay this kind of money again for a dog. Few hundred ok, but 1000 plus, can buy a new dog liao! I tell you, this is the last time huh, 1000 plus.......". And as he is leaving, he was still going on and on about the 1000 plus.

I was actually quite mad when I saw the reaction from this man...... obviously his kids were the ones who wanted the dog and not him. In my mind, I was already renacting what I would do if I am his daughter.....

"Dad, when I am sick, you also no need to spend money to bring me to a doc, in case too expensive. You can make a 'new' daughter ok? Your d**k still working and can save money on condom, quite in line with your save money philosophy"

I was just talking to a fellow colleague who had a golden retriever and he told me an incident when his dog was down with high fever. When he brought the dog to a vet at the pet clinic (where I bring my kitties to), the vet told them not to get too attached to the dog and the vet added to them to treat pet as normal pet. His wife was fuming and said 'Then when you have children, can you treat them like normal children???'. I asked him who is this Dr and we realised it was the SAME vet who told the fosterer to tell me not to get too attached to Astro! Seriously, this vet is super no EQ leh. At least if she says she is trying her best but we have to be mentally prepared, we also feel better right?????

Anyway, sorry for digressing but my point is, before you decide to have a pet, you must be prepared to be with them until they are dead. No one is asking you to sell your house etc to pay for your pet's medical bill, but if it is something within your control, you have to be prepared to make that commitment to help the animal. If you exhaust all efforts (within your means, of course) to help this animal and nothing can be done, then it's really God's will that we have to let it go. And the part about not being attached to your pet, BULLSHIT........ This vet is either not an animal lover (then I wonder what the hell is she doing in a pet clinic) or she is plain super no EQ.

Tell me how to not be attached to these cuties when they look like this???
Credits: Love Meow

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