Sunday, September 18, 2011

My second Gelish experience @ The Nail Status

After my 1st Gelish nails experience 2 weeks plus ago (which was absolutely horrible), I was actually pretty disappointed and had given up hope on doing Gelish again. But I still had to go to any nails place to do a soak off to remove the horrible, non lasting Gelish on me so thought of trying Gelish again. At the beginning, I thought that given I am doing housework on and off, thus it doesn't last. But friends like E and V were telling me that it's highly unlikely since it is supposedly to last and most probably the nail saloon that I went at Holland V is not doing a good job. After reading Zoe Raymond's blog that highly recommend The Nail Status at Far East Plaza, I decided to do my soak off and second try of Gelish there then.

This time round, I had longer nails since I had been keeping them since the last time I had Gelish, thus it might be a good idea to do nails art hor? Hahahaha, damn vain! This is the final result, I really like it!
Now the next test is how long will it last this time. I asked the manicurist what could be the reason that my previous Gelish did not last well on me. She said could be the previous manicurist did not apply the gel properly thus 'sealing' everything. So let's see........ The minimum expectation I have is to at least 3 weeks.

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