Monday, September 12, 2011

We moves in packs

Just this morning I made an interesting observation. I noticed that humans (not sure if it's ALL, but definitely in Singapore), we usually don't know what is going on but we just moves by following the crowd. I think some years back when some uncle or aunties was queueing up to register for a marathon to get free goodie bag, a news reporter interviewed them and ask them why are they queueing, they replied 'I see everyone queueing, I also join in lor'.

The matter of fact is most of us are just assuming that the people in the crowd knows what is going on and we assume they are going in the same direction or having the same objective as us. Question is: Do they REALLY know?? For example, just last Sat, we attended a wedding. After the service at St Andrew's Cathedral, we had to walk to Raffles Hotel for the banquet reception. And you can hear some people saying 'Just follow the photographer and videographer'. End up, they also did not know which ballroom the banquet is held and had to walk around to find.

Maybe it's the auditor's trait in me that says we need to clarify and found out but again isn't that human nature? We are different from animals because we observe, ask questions, understand and internalize. Most of the time, we get so lazy that we just assume, because we don't have to ask. Assuming things seriously take ZERO effort, haha. And really, no brain cells is activated when we assume stuffs.

So the next time when you wanna queue up or follow something, make sure it's something u know and not just following blindly. Will grow senile wo, haha.

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