Saturday, September 3, 2011

Completed: Clinique Moisture Surge moisturiser

I have been a good girl lately and finishing up my stuffs one by one! *pat on the back*. This time round, I have completed another moisturiser, Clinique Moisture Surge!

It is an excellent gel moisturiser for combination and even oily skin given the light light texture of the gel.

In Singapore's hot and humid weather, getting a suitable moisturizer can be tricky for my sensitive and combination skin. It cannot be too rich to cause breakouts and had to provide sufficient moisture and hydration. This is especially when I notice that my skin gets oilier when I do not slap on sufficient SUITABLE moisturizer.

What I like about about Clinique Moisture Surge is the lightweight gel texture, which gets absorbed into my skin immediately after applying it. No oily sheen or sticky feeling. My skin doesn't get oily as quickly as it is hydrated and thus I do not get the tight feeling (and in worse case, itch). No breakouts as well which is like a super thumbs up!!!

For gals with sensitive skin, this moisturizer is also suitable given its soothing properties with aloe vera as 1 of the ingredients. And.... It's fragrance-free.

Would I re-purchase it? Yes, for it's hydration properties but currently no, because I have certain skin concerns I would like to target (like early anti aging, and whitening) but I might just purchase it to rotate with my other moisturizer if needed. :)

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