Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Completed: Ettusais Medicated Acne Whitening UV (Oil block)

I have been using Ettusias Medicated Acne Whitening UV (oil block) for the longest time and it is starting to frustrate me that I am unable to complete it after coming to 2 years! Please do not ask me why I took so long to finish it because I am not sure either and I can already see fireworks when nothing came out from the bottle this morning!

Extracted from Ettusais website:
Armed with SPF 24 PA++, this lightweight base blocks out harmful UV rays. At the same time, its anti-bacterial effect treats acne and prevents further breakouts. Best of all, it also helps to lighten acne scars, freckles and uneven skin tone.

You know how most sun blocks are greasy and thick and I really hate it. The good thing about Ettusais Medicated Acne Whitening UV is that it's in liquid form and the texture is light and does not feel greasy. Most importantly, it is suitable for ladies with acne prone skin. Upon application, I do not see an ugly white cast as well. The only reason why I do not intend to re-purchase this again is because SPF24 PA++ is too low, in my opinion. Some people like to think that if we are indoors most of the time, it should be sufficient but I am someone who prefer to be safe than sorry.

For ladies with normal to dry skin, you will be glad to know that Ettusais has this sunblock for you and is called 'dry block' instead. It comes in cream form instead of liquid.

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