Thursday, May 31, 2012

Soleil Tan de Chanel Sable Rose

I can't believe I jumped onto the bandwagon of getting the bronzer from Chanel Summer Collection 2012. When I saw the pictures of it on the beauty blogsphere, it certainly did not draw me in like Chanel Ombre Contraste Duos in Sable Emouvant. However, when I swatched it over Tangs Vivo counter yesterday, I was certainly sold!

I cannot emphasis enough how Chanel always makes me go gaga over their design and packaging for some of their limited edition items. Just looking at this picture and I already can't bear to use it. :( I know there are ladies out there who asked themselves if they should get the bronzers in this Summer Collection if they already purchased Bronze Rose and Bronze Corail, my suggestion is to check our Sabrina's comparison here. She never ever fails to give excellent swatches clear enough for you to make a decision. Lucky for me, I did not caved in to Bronze Rose or Bronze Corail last year thus this was quite a no brainer for me.

I also managed to get a sample of the new foundation, Perfection Lumiere in 20 beige from the friendly SA so it's time to give this highly-raved foundation a try and compare with my HG foundation, Lift Lumiere which I raved about previously.

Man, even Eden went gaga over my Chanel........... haha


  1. Miaka, great haul, I bought Sable Rose and Sable Emouvant too. I am loving both of them.

  2. Jacq, u are lucky to get the eyeshadow duo. It was oos when I went tangs vivo yest

  3. Oh no, you should totally use it!!! There's no point not using a great piece. I've used mine a dozen times by now, and the pattern is not messed up or anything!

  4. Sunny, thanks for dropping by !

    I will definitely use it soon :)


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