Monday, May 28, 2012


Lately BC is on a IMAX 3D craze....... every new movie that is released, he will check to see if there is an IMAX 3D version. Ticket is not cheap at close to $20 per pax (I'm not sure how much it costs since I am not paying for it, lol) but the movie experience is indeed very very very different from a normal film and even 3D version.

Not sure how many of you can remember the film experience when we go for school excusion at Science Centre and we had to sit in the IMAX theatre for a show? It feels almost like that but you are not inclined and you are also wearing a 3D glasses. The whole show just seems closer to you and it's like IN YOUR FACE (literally!). For example, there is a scene that Will Smith is looking down from a tall building, I really felt like I am looking down and my heart almost pop out.

IMAX 3D is quite a cool experience and you should try it if you haven't. It's not something you want to try often since it is not exactly pocket friendly but if you choose a good film to get the full experience, it is most definitely money well-spent. :)


  1. Unfortunately I can only see animated 3D shows, I saw Avatar in 3D and was actually sick and dizzy half way to through the show. I can't wait to bring DS to watch it in normal mode :)

  2. I felt uncomfortable initially, but after a while it got better. I do get headache from the glasses though.


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