Thursday, May 10, 2012

Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow No. 5 Chestnut

Few weeks ago when I was Tangs, I walked towards Burberry Beauty counter randomly and decided to ask the SA what shades would be good to pair with Pale Barley which I purchased here. The SA recommended 2 shades: Chestnut and Lavender / Lavender Blue (?, can't remember, lol). Needless to say, I went with Chestnut which is another neutral, which was also highly recommended and raved by the SA. :)

Honestly, at $46 per pan for 2.5g of product, I personally find it a bit on the expensive side. But Burberry Beauty compensate with it's metal, magnetic case which totally shouts 'CLASS' and it's wonderful smooth and buttery texture of the eyeshadow.

I tried comparing the swatch of Chestnut to other eyeshadows that I have in the stash (which look similar in the pan), However, upon swatching, the shades just come out different.
Top row: Inglot Eyeshadow Pearl 402, MAC Pro Wear Eyeshadow One to Watch, Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow No. 5 Chestnut
Bottom Row: Urban Decay Naked Palette in Buck

From the pan, Buck looks the closest to Chestnut, followed by Inglot Pearl 402. One to Watch looks more peachy than brown though.

From the swatch above, you can see that indeed Buck looks closer to Chestnut than the other 2 shades. However, the texture of Buck is more powdery and matte and not as smooth and buttery as Chestnut. One to Watch is just different as it is a peach shade. Pearl 402 on the other hand has more 'pearl factor' in it thus explaining why it looks more 'shiny' as compared to the rest.

Overall, I am extremely happy with  Burberry's eyeshadows and there is no doubt I will get more of it. The next has got to be Lavender / Lavender Blue....... I have to look for the correct name again...... :)


  1. It is Lavender Blue sweetie, if you ever want to play with it, let me know, we are one car park away! Don't you just love BB shadows??? I love your description, classy is the word.

  2. Jacq, does lavender blue looks purplish and blueish in diff angle? Omg, we néed to arrange for meetup so I can check out your BB stash. I am always going to your blog to check out BB!

  3. Miaka, this is a very nice color. Just simple and elegant :)

  4. memoiselle, thanks for your compliments. :)

  5. I like this, and I definitely agree that Burberry shadows are expensive at S$46 a pop! And this makes me determined to pop mine out for a spin, lol.

  6. iariaee, you must really bring out your Burberry babies to play more often. I am ADDICTED to them now. lol.


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