Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wild Honey @ Scotts Square

After months and months of wanting to try Wild Honey, I finally tried it!!! And this time, I tried Wild Honey at the new branch at Scotts Square.

For you out there who patronise Wild Honey at Mandarin Gallery, you would know they do not accept reservations. So you either get your butt out of the house early in the morning, or be prepared to queue and wait. Luckily for the new branch at Scotts Square, reservation is possible and thus I was able to finally give this place a try.

When we stepped into the restaurant, we thought the lightings are a bit dim but after a while, we felt it relaxing enough. Smart move to play around with the lightings to give a cozy and relaxing place.

Guess what I ordered????? ANYTHING WITH SCRAMBLED EGGS!!! I think I will literally die if scrambled eggs is banned one day. lol. So I ordered 'I love New York' which comes with scrambled eggs with caramelised onion, toasted sesame bagel with their home made cheese spread. It was YUMMY........ The scrambled eggs is smooth and has a taste of salmon and bacon in it, which got me thinking as I was expecting onion in it? But then, who cares if it's yummilicious??? Cheese spread is really good, me and BC finished up the whole cheese spread, which is really sinful. Haha.

BC with his sweet tooth of course ordered something sweet and so the order of 'Canadian' which is actually pancakes with blueberry sauce. Man, the pancakes are thick, soft and dense and super filling. The blueberry sauce is good as it's tangy which is a contrast to the sweetness of the maple syrup.

Needless to say, we were both bloated after this meal. It's really filling........ But I guess with the amount they are charging, I jolly well step out bloated then unsatisfied right? Haha.

Give it a try if you like all kinds of breakfast but it's not cheap like $24 for 'I Love New York' and $18 for 'Canadian'. Price is exclusive of GST and service charge. But it's definitely a good place to drop by and have a nice breakfast in town.

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