Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Review: LUSH I Love Juicy Shampoo

In the hot and humid Singapore, it is not surprise that many have hair woes. For me, I totally hate that I have greasy scalp and dry hair (yes, they call it combination hair!!!). It's always a challenging to get the right shampoo for me because I need something that can thoroughly cleanse my greasy scalp and yet not too harsh to my dry ends. And so far, from all the trial and errors, it's always expensive shampoo that works or cheap shampoo that doesn't. No surprise hur?

I saw a lot of good reviews abt LUSH Big shampoo that work wonders for greasy scalp but it seems the reviews also mentioned that it is extremely drying to dry ends. Seeing this, I know I cannot use this for me, my dry ends will be totally fried! As I was surfing LUSH UK site, I chanced upon I Love Juicy shampoo which could be the answer that I am looking for!
Picture source: LUSH UK

After purchasing the smallest bottle at 100g from Wisma outlet at $16.00 (not cheap, I know!) and trying it for 3 weeks, I have to say I love it! My scalp feels clean and fresh after using it and the citrusy smell of pineapple and mango lingers on my locks which smells great. It does not smell as citrusy as lemon sa it is coupled with a tinge of sweetness from pineapple and mango. Despite having a good cleanse of my scalp, my hair does not feel dry. However, I do realise I cannot use this shampoo consecutively for 3 days, by the 3rd day, my hair starts to feel dry and coarse. So what I am doing now is to alternate I Love Juicy with my normal shampoo (X brand): 2 days shampoo X and 1 day I Love Juicy. This combination works fine and also more pocket friendly. :)

One thing to note is you have to SHAKE I Love Juicy shampoo before use as it is made from fresh fruit and there will be residue in the shampoo that will sink to the bottom of the bottle. Just give it a simple shake, squeeze out a 20 cents coin size shampoo and lather into your hair.

For you out there who is having combination hair, I would strongly recommend this shampoo to you!


  1. wah so expensive...feel like trying it.....

  2. i really like it but since it's more ex than normal shampoo, i am rotating.

    buy the small one to try first, i think the bigger size one more economical.


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