Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jerry's BBQ & Grill (Club Street)

L recommended Jerry's BBQ & Grill sometime back and I was telling BC how she raved about the food there so we decided to give it try this afternoon for lunch.

Hidden away (maybe not exactly hidden) at Club Street, it's definitely a good place to go instead of the usual town and Orchard Road whereby you see nothing but people. I have to say that area is pretty charming with the peaceful ambience and self sufficiency and obviously no lack of food and coffee. :)

Just by seeing the deco of the shop and you can tell how American this place is. There are lots of car plates from different states of USA and the main colours of the restaurant are red, blue and white, just like the American flag.

Although the buffalo wings is the highly recommended item on the menu, we decided to go for the BBQ pulled pork and beef brisket combo. Even it is served with steam veg and bun (I believed it is meant to be eaten like a burger), we changed the bun to be replaced with French fries (you can also choose baked potato or baked beans).

We also ordered another hot favorite on the menu as appetizer and it's fried button mushrooms. It's yummy with the mushroom coated with crispy fried batter and with each bite into the mushroom, the juice just burst out! Yes, the fried mushroom is that juicy! It goes very well with the tartar sauce served at the side.

Overall, the food is pretty nice. I especially love the fried mushroom and the pulled pork and beef brisket combo is tender and goes very well with their BBQ sauce. Oh, if you were to eat the meat plain without any sauce, there is a smoky taste to it which is pretty nice too.

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