Wednesday, January 25, 2012

All Day Breakfast at cedele

Thankfully, my CNY visiting is over on Day 1 and on Day 2, me and BC slept till we naturally woke up around 9+, close to 10am and ponder on where and what to have for our brunch. Finally, we settled for cedele.

Honestly, cedele disappointed us once when we had to pay for a hefty price tag and the food was so so. BUT we thought, just check it first and we can decide to go somewhere else if we decided not to have it anyways. When we check out the menu, somehow, we thought the price of the breakfast is cheaper now? It's about $12.90 - $14.90++ approximately now but in my mind, I thought it was close to $20 previously? Maybe I was wrong and we headed in.

I am an egg person, I NEED MY SCRAMBLED EGGS, so I order the rosti with the choice of scrambled eggs (you can opt for poached or sunny side up) and sausages (choice of bacon available too). BC with the sweet tooth ordered apple and cinnamon pancakes with sausages (I think you can have a choice of bacon too if you do not want sausages).

BC's apple cinnamon pancake (top) and my rosti with scrambled eggs and sausages (bottom)

Their scrambled eggs is smooth and delicious and the sausages are meaty and filling. The rosti was a disappointment though. It is not crispy and not warm. Marche's rosti win hands down! BC's apple cinnamon pancakes was excellent for those with sweet tooth. They really placed sliced apples in the pancakes (I hope you can see it in the pic above), and the pancake is fluffy and soft, super yummy.

cedele is a nice place for a meal as the place is not too crowded and there are ample space between the tables. On the background, music is played at a not-too-loud-but-i-can hear-you kind of volume so it makes the whole dining experience relaxing.

The cafe latte I had was good, creamy with sufficient caffeine in it and without the sourish coffee taste like how some cafes served their coffee. Well done!
My cafe latte and brunch!


  1. Have you tried their Carrot cake? To die for!

  2. Jacq, that cake is super sinful but very very nice!


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