Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More hauls from Sephora

OMG, I am hauling again......... BUT BUT BUT I am a happy gal!

Remember my post here and here about my love for Sephora highly affordable and super long lasting jumbo liner??? In addition to my existing stash of shade in purple, copper, taupe and grey. I have added colour kaki to my stash (which was what I wanted to get the last round anyways). There is no typo in the shade 'kaki'. It is really printed as 'kaki' and not 'khaki', not sure why too. :)

In addition to the jumbo liner, I also bought Soap & Glory body butter. Usually, I am not a fan of body butter as I do not like thick texture and prefer lighter and watery texture of lotion but given that it's a small tub at $7 which is a good price tag and size as trial, why not? We have to start from somewhere right? This is especially useful during this period when my skin is feeling extremely dry lately. :)

How is the 2nd day of CNY for you? Mine was just pigging out at cedele before heading to Sephora to haul these 2 items. Luckily my CNY visiting is done for the year (all squeezed into Day 1)!

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